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UPDATE: 5/23/16 I don't know how, but I ran into one of the artists while attending ACEN. I let her know that her work was being sold without her permission, and as I was giving her the links, I realized that the shop had finally been taken down. Wooohooo! :D

So I was doing some Christmas shopping on Etsy when I stumbled across this shop ( making money off of other people's art. If anybody knows any of the artists whose work is shown in this shop, please pass the information on to them. I reported the shop, but have no idea if Etsy will take any action against the shop unless the original artists complain. EDIT: The original artists have to file a claim for anything to be done. :/

P.S. Sorry for being so inactive. I'm still around but have been working on graduate school applications and cosplay costumes since August. One of these days I will get around to posting my junk.

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My laptop is finally running normally again! This entire time it was just an incompatibility issue with Java. Thanks to the staff at Malwarebytes Anti Malware for interpreting the computer logs and writing a fix for the issue. :)

How has everybody been? I haven't been too motivated to finish drawings lately due to fatigue, work, and life in general.

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I am back from my hiatus and EMPLOYED in a deli with awesome people as I wait to hear back about my graduate school applications! I was surprised by how fun working at a deli could be. It probably helps that I have Eastern European co-workers who understand my jokes and can speak ex-YU languages. Plus, everybody has a pretty good attitude when it comes to working. Grumpy elder customers are hilarious to deal with, mostly because they ask the most absurd questions and have the best euphemisms for cuss words. Aww brownies! One guy asked my co-worker which foods wouldn't give him diarrhea. Who asks that?
The only downside to working in a deli is that you start craving all of the foods in the display case and salad bars after smelling their deliciousness all day long.

Unfortunately, my main laptop is acting up so I have reverted to my 9-year-old 2i junk laptop. (It is really sad when your 1-year-old 7i laptop runs slower than your 9-year-old 2i.) It seems to me that there may be an issue with the hardware. A lot of people (myself included) with Windows 8 on their laptops have complained about the Disk going to 99% for absolutely no 'good' reason when programs like Skype are being used. (Thanks, stupid Windows 8.) If hardware is not the only issue, then there may be some adware? Everything on the laptop runs normally until I connect to the wifi. Then it starts lagging and making everything scroll downward. I will have to find time to bring it somewhere since nothing I have tried on my own has successfully solved the problem.

I have off tomorrow, so expect a massive art dump of Sailor Moon stuff. :D

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I'm still actively commenting here, but I haven't been posting any of my art. I have at least 8 half-to-almost-finished fanart and OC pieces sitting around on my laptop that I promise will show up on here eventually, but drawing is out of the question for me at the moment as I research potential graduate programs for mineralogy and igneous petrology. Deadlines are approaching pretty quickly, meaning that I need to invest all of my time into the application process to insure that 2015 will be my next big educational leap. Deciding the type of research to pursue is my primary concern, as there are so many things that intrigue me. Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction is pretty neat, but I have yet to find a program supported by sufficient funding. Magmatic melt origins could also be interesting, but so is analyzing unusual minerals in depth! :icondizzyplz:

I'll be back to drawing as soon as I complete my graduate school applications!
In the mean time, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


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I have my interview tomorrow. :D In the mean time, enjoy this Pokemon questionnaire and possibly fill it out yourself if you feel like doing it. (I'm not sure who made it though.)

1: Favorite Pokémon?
I'm not sure. I don't really have a favorite. I like a lot of them including Meowth, Chikorita, Sceptile, Skitty, Buoysel, Archen, Mienshao, Helioptile, and Carbink.

2: Favorite type?
I don't really have a favorite type. It would be easier to ask me what my favorite Pokemon of each type was. I do however tend to like the designs of the grass type and water type Pokemon.

3: Favorite legendary?
Ho-oh and Kyogre

4: Favorite region?
Kalos for the overall aesthetics and design PokeEurope FTW
Johto for the exploring

5: Favorite move?

6: An item you always have in your bag?
PokeBalls because you never know when something good is going to jump out at you.

7: Favorite gym leader?
Giovanni, Jasmine, Flannery, Roxanne
Past Gen 3, none of the gym leaders really stood out to me in the same way. (I honestly don't even remember any of them and I just played X and W2.)

8: Favorite Elite Four member?
Lorelei and Karen

9: Favorite generation?
Again, tough choice. I'd probably have to say Gen 1 and 2 because I like most -if not all- of the Pokemon designs.

10: Favorite Pokémon game?
I can't decide... It would probably have to be the following: Gold, Sapphire, X
I can definitely say that B2/W2 was my least favorite game because of all the forced tutorials and structure that limited exploring.

11: Favorite starter?
I always pick the grass starters, but I think Chikorita would have to be my favorite because it never left my party when I was playing through Gold as a child. It never left the party in HeartGold either. ;)

12: Favorite Eeveelution?
Flareon, Leafeon, Espeon

13: Favorite human character?
Misty and Brock

14: Favorite villain?
Cassidy and Butch (as a kid I always found it amusing how they always tried to one-up Jessie and James), Archie, but Giovanni is by far the coolest to me.

15: Favorite unown form?
I'm not a huge fan of Unown, but I guess L or J?

16: First lv. 100?
My ninjask Jacques on Pearl.

17: First game and first Pokémon?
I got Pokemon Gold and Yellow for Christmas at the same time so my first Pokemon were Chikorita and Pikachu respectively.

18: If you could have any real Pokémon in real life, which would it be and why?
It would definitely have to be a Pokemon that is close to the Earth.
*Carbink because I want to get my PhD in mineralogy or petrology so it seems appropriate to have a Pokemon that looks like a kimberlite. (Maybe it would even help me find cool minerals!)
*Crustle because it is a crab with a chunk of lithosphere on its back. It would be a good partner for soil profiling.
Or maybe one of the following:
*Swoobat so that I could name it Okenite.
*Honchkrow because he or she would have a good eye for the shiny rocks and minerals. Plus, people would be threatened by a badass dark crow so they wouldn't bother me if I was walking around alone at night.
*Buoysel as a pet. I love weasels.

19: If you were a gym leader, what would your specialty be?
Rock Pokemon because geology.

20: Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma, Galactic?
I like Team Rocket the best. Although I hate the redesigns of the Aqua and Magma uniforms for ORAS, I still like the original Team Aqua and Magma.
I'm making a Plasma uniform for my Halloween costume, but I still think they are pretty lame and I would have taken them a lot more seriously if they were in Kalos instead. Their design would have at least fit in better with the old European themes. Galactic and Flare just made me facepalm. I couldn't take either of them seriously.

21: Favorite Battle Frontier activity?
I never got into the Battle Frontier.

22: Favorite battle strategy?
Setting up traps and provoking the opponent to switch out by switching in different Pokemon with various roles. :iconimsotiredplz:

23: Favorite professor?
Oak and Juniper

24: Favorite rival?
Gary and the one red-haired kid from GSC. I liked that they were complete jerks because it was a lot more fun to name them accordingly.

25: If you could live in any Pokémon city, which would it be?
Anistar City or one of the warmer Kalos towns.

26: Favorite ball design?
I never put much thought into this. Maybe Quick Ball or one of the blue-colored ones?

27: Favorite spin-off game?
Pokemon Puzzle League Challenge

28: If you lived in the Pokémon world, would you be a trainer, gym leader, breeder, professor, team member or something else?
Probably a professor if that means I'd be doing research—Or a team member for Magma. I'd assume Maxie would be in need of lots of geologists to help him with his plan. Maybe Aqua would too, but I bet they'd be more interested in Marine Biologists or Oceanographers. xD

29: Describe your ideal six-Pokémon team.
Mawile, Politoed, Kingdra, Mienshao, Garchomp, Goodra or something of that sort. The team would need to be able to support itself.

30: How old were you when you got into Pokémon?
Five. I grew up with Pokemon from the day it was first aired in the '90s.

31: Least favorite Pokémon other than Garbodour?
Klink, KlinkKlank whatever, Vanillish, Vanillux, Diggersby

32: That one Pokémon that always ends up on your team?
Meganium or Mienshao

33: Favorite show episode?
I am not sure, but when I was little I really liked the Ghost of Maiden's Peak one, the Scyther and Electabuzz rivalry one, and the Breeding Center one where Cassidy and Butch tricked a bunch of people into leaving their Pokemon at some sketchy place.

34: Favorite Pokémon card?
I really liked those Neo Destiny(?) Shiny Pokemon cards. Maybe Shining Raichu? It was so cool how they did the metallic foil on the Pokemon.

35: What Pokémon do you think is most like you?
Murkrow because it likes shiny things?

36: What Pokémon do you think your friends/family members would have in real life?
Mom: Arcanine
Dad: Mewtwo Kriketune
Brother: Swampert

37: What Pokémon would your favorite celebrity have in real life?
Omfg... What Pokemon would Indira Vladić have... Whimsicott? Maractus? Spinda? Loudred or Ludicolo? She would probably own Pokemon that like to dance, joke around, and/or be loud. xD

38: Ever used a cheating device, such as Gameshark or Action Replay? Was it worth it?
When I was little yes but only to do things like walk through walls (for the lulz) and get starter Pokemon that I couldn't otherwise obtain without trading. At the time it was worth it because everybody I knew picked the same starter Pokemon as me and/or didn't live nearby. Plus, we were all really little so it was up to our parents to arrange playdates. I also never used the device to level up or get crazy stats because even as a kid, I knew that was totally lame.

39: Most treasured Pokémon?
Not sure. I treasure them all.

40: If you could put one thing into Black 2 and White 2, what would it be?
How about if I could take out one thing from B2W2... No mandatory tutorials or construction on every single route! D:

41: Least favorite human character?
Harley (May's rival was on the show)

42: Least favorite generation?
Generation 5. Something about that generation's designs and themes just didn't catch my attention in comparison to the other five sets. Ice cream cone, gears, alien things, dragons...nope. I did like Archen though.

43: If you could make up your own Pokémon, what would it be like? What type would it be and what moves would it learn? I'd probably make a rock Pokemon based on some mineral or geologic concept. It would learn Stealth Rock and Dazzling Gleam.
Or perhaps I would make a Peacock bush Pokemon or a Flamingo Pokemon.

44: Do you ever EV train and/or IV breed?
Yes. That's pretty much all I do after I beat the Elite 4.

45: Ever attempted a Nuzlocke run? Did you succeed?
No. I'd rather use my time to EV train and IV breed, especially since it's a lot easier to do in Gen 6.

46: Would you approve of a sixth generation?
I already approve of it much more than the fifth. :D

47: If you could create your own Pokémon game, what would it be like?
I'm not sure. At the very least, it would involve traveling to multiple regions.

48: Favorite Pokémon movie?
The first Pokemon movie, Jirachi movie, and I really liked watching the Latias and Latios movie in Japanese.

49: Own any Pokémon toys/merchandise?
A lot.

50: Favorite Pokémon memory.
Probably pretending to be Pokemon at recess in 2nd grade -AND- collaboratively sneaking out of bed after midnight at my grandma's house to play the RSE contests with cousins using flashlights and link cables under the blankets. xD

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Fff I just learned that DJ Kameni left Colonia! :iconsobbplz: He was such an awesome DJ and an even more awesome person! He's really nice! A friend and I talked to him after a concert before and got our picture with him. I'm going to miss him (and his sounds) a lot from the group. .__. I am curious though to see what Indira and Boris will end up doing because the instrumental accompaniment in their latest release "Feniks" was amazing.

Onto the better news, I have a second interview with the company that I applied to meaning that I will prepare a portfolio and meet them in person. ovo I'm also in a fanart mood so you'll probably be seeing some Pokemon and other video game characters pop up very soon. C: I also have some WIPs involving jokes/RPs with dmgrif01, BlackThornRose, banapanao, and TheRedBrownChibi on the way--but these could be delayed a bit since I'm trying to also work on a Halloween costume and my job portfolio.

Requests: (Slowly getting them done in between other projects!)
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Heyo! It's time for an update! Other than the fact that I had food poisoning and/or an allergic reaction to preservatives in red wine, I've had a decent and productive couple of weeks! :Đ

1) I got a call back from an employer a few days ago and will be interviewed for a potential career in geology. I'm excited but also a bit nervous since I have never done an interview over the phone before.

2) Nabud and I made green tea "kitkats".

3) I made sun-dried tomatoes!

4) I finally found the time to make sarma! :iconsuperw00tplz: Unfortunately, at the sacrifice of my sun-dried tomatoes. :iconsulkplz: Always check your oven before turning it on!

5) The rakija has been found. :iconrakijaplz: Lord, help me... I have found where this city hides all of the šljivovica. :iconpapmingplz: At least I have a justifiable excuse for purchasing some in the near future. I want to make fritule, but the recipe calls for a little less than a dl of šljivovica.

6) Thanks to BlackThornRose, dmgrif01, and banapanao, I've been re-inspired to finish some of my drawings from over a year ago. That means a million more Saotome Academy drawings. I am also working on some other drawings that aren't related to RP groups. They might show up on here eventually... Which brings up a question, does anybody have two deviantart accounts? If yes, for what reason? I was thinking about making a "professional" one relevant to my discipline yes, I draw rock-related things, ArtyyTart, but maybe there is a better website for that. :?

Requests: (Slowly getting them done in between other projects!)
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On a completely off-topic side note, I find it kind of irksome that I cannot even look for stamps relevant to Croatia and Bosnia a specific country without getting a buttload of Hetalia ship stamps. .__.
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ToothlessEgo is doing a Shiny/Mega Pokemon Raffle for XY here if anybody is interested:…


I believe :iconcadmiumcrows: had this journal a long time ago and I recently commented on :iconartyytart: 's so now it's my turn.

Comment and I'll tell you:

1. What animal/creature you remind me of:
2. What color I think fits you: 
3. How I feel about you: 
4. Insult you: 
5. My favorite OC of yours: 
6. What season you remind me of: 
7. Tell you what food you smell like in my head: 
8. A song you remind me of: 
9. Think of a random nickname for you: 
10. What element you remind me of: 
11. I'll tell you to put this in your journal without using the word 'tag':

Requests: (Slowly getting them done!)
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Anybody who plays Pokemon X or Y want to exchange friend codes? o v o

FC: 1048-8961-1671
IGN: Lorena
Safari Psychic (Duosion, Munna, Sygliph)

((P.S. I'm hoping to find a Mienfoo safari C: if anybody has one. ))

Requests: (Slowly getting them done!)
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After a long and eventful month, I am finally back to DeviantArt.
I haven't been in much of a mood to RP/(be on the computer), as a lot of crazy things happened within such little time.
-Meeting up with the field camp in Denver was obnoxious. About an hour after I got from the airport to the hotel, I had to hide in the stairwell because there was quarter to baseball-sized hail, clouds spiraling above, and two tornadoes were within a mile. +__+ Got some nice photos of wind damage and hail though! :Đ 
-Camping in the middle of deserts/canyons/mountains for 30 days at field camp was great minus the fact that I had to be surrounded by irresponsible and/or whiny people and gangster-wannabes all the time. (Thank goodness for noise canceling headphones!) Of course there were plenty of really cool people there too. :Đ While mapping I found a bunch of really cool things like dinosaur bones, petrified wood, opal, amethyst, chalcedony, galena, gastroliths, and selenite.
-While I was gone at camp, my cat was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put to sleep. This was very upsetting to me, but I am glad that my family and the vets did as much as they could for him to determine 100% that it was cancer and not just him being finicky. I will be painting a memorial stone for him in the near future.
-A month later, as I'm back in the Denver airport--this time with a friend from the camp who just happened to have the same flight--, we go through security and my friend is chosen for a random hand swab check for explosives. The result came back as positive, so the security ladies spent a good 5 minutes debating on whether or not I should get the search and pat down too since I knew him, but technically was not going to the same end destination. Turns out that it was a false positive possibly triggered by handsanitizer (according to the TSA). Hahaha To be honest, I was not that surprised. We were probably covered in all sorts of lovely things: desert dust, traces of uranium (from ore bearing rocks)--oh! and people were finding live ammunition in the middle of the desert too! So I wouldn't be surprised if any of that got on us either.
At that same airport, ANOTHER FREAKING TORNADO decided to happen and it delayed us big time even though it never touched the ground. :iconpapmingplz: Screw Denver! Well, okay...The Polish restaurant rocked though because it had šljivovica rakijayesplz by CheerySoundNinRoren (i našla sam kul Hrvata u centru grada. hihihi :iconirahurrplz:
-Then a few days after I got home, my cousin's fiancée was murdered. So that was extremely chaotic let alone depressing...

I am however slowly finishing up old drawings as well as some requests!
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P.S. This is really random, but I'm working on my Hungary (Hetalia) collection and if there is anybody trying to sell anything relevant to her (fanmade or merchandise), I'm interested (assuming I don't already own it).

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Okay, time for a serious journal.

First and foremost, I send all my prayers out to those living in the areas of Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia affected by the severe 100-year flooding and gale storms. The Balkans is my second home so I thought I would briefly make people aware of the tragedy while also using writing as a means of self-comfort. One of the many news articles on the subject:…

((There are several news videos out there of houses giving way in flood waters and children being rescued. I couldn't bring myself to watch any of them to the end due to all of the heartbreaking emotions and ruins of homes and beautiful places that I became so familiar with.))

I have friends in a few of the afflicted areas and have been in contact with others about the bad weather. I am still waiting to hear back from some of my Serbian friends though. People I have talked to have been telling me about how there are areas where the floodwaters are up to roofs of houses. Thank God those friends are sheltered and okay, but there are many others --especially in other parts of Bosnia and Serbia-- who aren't as lucky. I really want to donate something, but I have not seen any official organizations taking donations. I am going to keep looking and asking around because I refuse to give directly to the government in fear that they won't give the items to those who need them the most. :iconsawbplz:

Balkanci, znate li neke vjerodostojne organizacije koje ĆE dati sve novca/hrane ljudima? Hoću donirati nešto.

Hrvati, Srbi, Bosanci, šaljem vam puno molitva.

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Has anybody ever had to drive a van full of students (or peers/friends) at night in a torrential downpour under zero-visibility conditions? If you have not then I hope you never have to. It is horrible, trust me! I just experienced this two days ago. At first, there was just rain. I was a few cars behind the professor's van of students and life was okay--even though the driving was a bit half-arsed Balkans-ish. Then, it started raining harder and harder and harder, until the professor's van faded into oblivion and the only thing visible were the front/back lights of vehicles. The rain was blowing horizontally by then and my entire van was awake and anxious. We needed to pull over, but there was no safe place to pull over--and the professor? Where the heck did he go? Was his van still okay? How far were they? What happened to being a team?

KaraVAN was very concerned, yet calm. I knew that I'd put us into more danger by pulling over, so instead I flipped on the hazards and traveled through absolute darkness at the slowest speed limit allowed on such a roadway. Soon after the hazards came on, we saw ambulances flying from both traveling directions as well as across the overhead bridge. My back-up drivers asked if I wanted to switch with them, but I refused fearing that #1 we'd hydroplane if we pulled over into the right shoulder, which was starting to collect pools of water #2 I'd be more freaked letting somebody take over when I already had plan safety in action. This drive was the most hellish driving experience I have ever been through and I am just glad that KaraVAN made it safely to a hotel along with the professor's van. The next morning we continued our drive home and saw shattered signs and other forms of heavy wind damage. I am so freaking glad that we left the campsite when we did and even more glad that the professor made the decision to stop at a hotel (even though we probably should have stopped hours earlier for safety reasons). That campsite is probably flooded along with all of the pit toilets. My hands are blistered from gripping onto the steering wheel because I was fighting the wind and sheets of water from pushing/dragging out of the middle lane. They don't pay me enough to do all of these crazy things lol.

All in all, the trip was pretty enjoyable. I got to be a lazy assistant, sleeping on boulders in the sun while everybody else had to do work! //slapped Okay, I actually did do things like collect random agates and calcite completely unrelated (and in my opinion cooler than what the students were looking at), slam my hip on KaraVAN's door on the first day (ouch!), drive, relay van messages, make sure that the prof wasn't ditching the less fit people in his spurs of rock-loving enthusiasm, keep order at the hotel, and make sure that KaraVAN was locked. The sights were really pretty too and we got to visit an abandoned mine and a cave as well as several nice parks full of sexy boulders.

Since we left toward home earlier, I was able to watch part of my graduating class' awards ceremony. Everybody assumed that I wasn't going to be there, so apparently my mineralogy professor had one of the girls pretend to be me by holding up a Popsicle stick with my face on it up to her face as he showed off the awards that I had won. Hahahah I love that man! He is so entertaining! Luckily, one of the professors recorded the whole ceremony so I will get to see it soon. C: Since I showed up late, they had me go up for real at the end and receive my awards. My mineralogy professor made the whole award set based on the mineral okenite since I am insanely obsessed with it. He got me "cool mineral-drawing pencils that okenite cannot be drawn with because there is no white pencil" (aka crayola twistables with a homemade label over them), a "mineral collecting bucket for collecting okenite" (aka beach pail that says "mineral collecting bucket" on it in marker), an okenite-making kit in a pyrite box (aka cotton balls, a brick of clay, and a gold-glitter-colored Chinese takeout box), a box of sketchy okenite (seriously, I could not tell if he was BSing with me because it looks like somebody took cotton and glued it to a rock, but upon closer inspection, it is actually real crystals...It might be a wannabe okenite mineral. I don't dare ask lol!), and then finally a "Spare real okenite sample" which was really awesome okenite on some pretty pink prehnite (I think Prehnite hahah). I also got a serious award and that was a scholarship nomination. :iconsuperw00tplz: I'm going to use that for my field camp course this summer! I love my department so much! They are all so entertaining and I am going to miss being around them every day after I move.

Anyway, I am still on hiatus until the 26th, but I would like to remind everybody that I will be taking requests. OC requests are fine and so are any animal-related requests. I'd prefer not to draw anthro and definitely will not draw overly violent/gory/sexual drawings. In other words, keep it PG-13 if not PG.

New Year's Resolution:

1. Doing more traditional art

2. Starting a playthrough comic of SaGa I

3. Work with :iconartyytart: on The-Decayd

4. Practice drawing more males

5. Polymer clay art projects

6. Photography

7. Drawing and revamping older characters

8. Geology stuff

9. Practicing my instruments more in my free time

10. Plushies maybe?

Disko, disko, harmonika svira disko! //slapped

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Hey, all you lovely watchers! :iconyousopreciousplz: I am still on a drawing hiatus and will probably be until April 20th --or at least until my research and classwork is completed. In the mean time, I may or may not upload some photography and crafts geology/chemistry-related just to change up things for a bit. This is mainly because I just do not have any time to focus on anything other than my professional goals and projects. (Umirem od svega, ljudi! //slapped :iconsulkplz:) As soon as I'm back though, I probably will be 1) taking some drawing requests and/or 2) doing art trades/collaborations with friends, so hopefully that should give you all some time to think about requests or possible art trades. ;Đ I know :iconthe-module: and I have some collaborating to do. I also told :iconmagnemia: that I'd do an art trade with her if she still felt like it in the future. However, if anybody else wants to do anything or request something, just comment about it. ;Đ

New Year's Resolution:


1. Doing more traditional art

2. Starting a playthrough comic of SaGa I

3. Work with :iconartyytart: on The-Decayd

4. Practice drawing more males

5. Polymer clay art projects

6. Photography

7. Drawing and revamping older characters

8. Geology stuff

9. Practicing my instruments more in my free time

10. Plushies maybe?

Disko, disko, harmonika svira disko! //slapped

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Welp, I every class decided to have me to research and I'm working for Mr. Slovenia now, so between making exam keys for his class,
I'm pretty swapped with researching Pannonian Basin tectonics, olivine fabrics, geomagnetism, and nummulites + will be soon preparing
for a mock-trial. If I draw anything, it will probably be traditional art--and since I have no access to a scanner I probably won't be
posting anything for awhile. .__. When I do post, your inboxes will be flooded.

:iconquilava314:, :iconaenille:,
Ratchet-Halo, :iconthe-module:, I have not forgotten about the RPs with you guys. I just haven't
had enough time to write a thoughtful post. I hope to get some posts in for you during the break in March. Actually,

:iconratchet-halo: I believe I replied to yours.


I'm transferring my goals to this journal since they are still in progress.

1. Doing more traditional art

2. Starting a playthrough comic of SaGa I

3. Work with :iconartyytart: on The-Decayd

4. Practice drawing more males

5. Polymer clay art projects

6. Photography

7. Drawing and revamping older characters

8. Geology stuff

9. Practicing my instruments more in my free time

10. Plushies maybe?

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ArtyyTart tagged me.

Write Down 10 Goals/Resolutions involving your "career" as an artist that you want to accomplish throughout the year.(You can do more or less if you want)

This does not just apply to the regular picture art! It can be cosplay, photography, literature, singing, sculpting, etc.!

1. Doing more traditional art

2. Starting a playthrough comic of SaGa I

3. Work with :iconartyytart: on The-Decayd

4. Practice drawing more males

5. Polymer clay art projects

6. Photography

7. Drawing and revamping older characters

8. Geology stuff

9. Practicing my instruments more in my free time

10. Plushies maybe?

Tag 3-5 People
((If you feel like doing this.))
Hey, hey, hey! I'm mostly back now...Well, technically, I still need to finish writing my final draft research proposal on olivine lattice-preferred orientations (which is due tomorrow). Anyway, I was thinking about taking requests (read below). ;Đ

((Imam brzo pitanje za sve koji razumiju hrvatski/srpski/bosanski: Trebala bih li pisati svoje dnevnike na hrvatskom i engleskom? Što mislite?))

**Since I have been spamming everybody's inbox with group related art, :iconotlplz: I was wondering if there were any things in particular that people would like to see drawn just to vary things up. I have a million more OC-related things (sorry hahahah) to post because I've been doing traditional drawings for pose practice and I feel more comfortable drawing characters that I'm used to drawing a million times.
So I guess that means I will take requests if they are relevant to something that I'm interested in / comfortable with drawing.

---I'll draw practically anything Balkans-related, no questions asked. It could be Severina :icongasgasplz:, Karleuša, some Balkan OC, rakija, Dalmatian dogs, something patriotic or silly, etc.-- just as long as it stays respectful and/or away from sensitive subjects.
---Anything Geologically related
---Makai Toushi Saga / Final Fantasy Legend
---Series/Games mentioned in likes column

Any other ideas can be suggested as well.

I might also try to vary things up by using a medium other than digital since I'll actually be home and able to go to the art store for a change.

**I'm also hoping to do a playthrough comic of SaGa/FFL I. So stay tuned for that! I am not entirely sure how often I will be able to update it though because my schedule for next semester is: Global Tectonics, Seminar Research, Environmental Geology, Paleontology, Geophysics, Geophysics, Geophysics, Geophysics, and more Geophysics. :iconmysignplz: I honestly don't know why I torture myself so much, but in the end it will be worth it right?

EDIT: DERP! I forgot. My top priorities at the moment besides my proposal draft are finishing the following:
--Tristan chibi for :iconminarui:
DONE!--Activity check for :iconpoke-village:
DONE!--Activity check for :iconsaotome--academy:
DONE!--Secret Santa for ... :iconstachefeelzplz: ((It's a secret. ))

TO JE TO. (Mislim. :iconderpplz: )
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Hey, all! Sorry I haven't been submitting too many deviations or replying to comments. I've been very busy with university work as I will be graduating in a little more than four months. At this time of year, I am swamped with papers, exams, and projects so I have decided to go on a hiatus until December 12th.
Those who are in RP groups with me, I will still be drawing for the events and will be on skype from time to time so feel free to talk to me there.

Before I go, I thought I'd feature the group: :iconthe-litatian-facade:
It's a predominantly literature-based RP group about birds, so if any of you are interested in a more serious, plot-based RP group with very well-written rules and guidelines, I suggest checking it out. I started making an application, but I probably won't join until Mid-December.

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I just wanted to let people know that the group :iconsaotome--academy: will be taking applications soon. I'm in the group already with my character Dragana :icondraganaplz:. Ova grupa treba više Balkanaca. //slapped
It is based on an anime about a music academy with singers and composers, but you do not need to have prior knowledge of it to join. (I honestly have never watched it nor do I plan to.) The characters can be from any country; they just have to have a reason for knowing Japanese or being able to speak some basic things. (They could probably get away with hardly knowing anything because there are a lot of international students at the school. :D )

If you like paragraph and serious RPing, there are plenty of people who will do some serious paragraph character building RPs with you. There are also plenty of people who do more casual script RPing if you are more into that type of thing. The group plans to have a lot of random drawing assignments so it should be a fun time.

Wow, I never update this anymore due to college. I am getting paid to go on a Mineralogy field trip since it is my job to assist the professor for that class so I will be gone 5 days. :Đ

Hocu da se napijemmmm by rsLjubinkaTO JE TO. Hocu da se napijemmmm by rsLjubinka
UPDATE: Alright, after following :iconmagnemia: 's suggestion, my account is now letting me log in again. It seems that there was an issue with the IP and as soon as I unplugged my router, everything was working normally again.

This is Eyece72 delivering a message for Cheery

"I cannot get onto my account at the moment because some DA bug  (and/or IP address issue) is preventing me from logging in from any of my home devices. I have sent in a support ticket to dA, so hopefully this problem will be solved soon. :iconpapmingplz: "
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Wow! That was fast! The laptop arrived 2 days after I ordered it! :Đ It's great so far--except for the Windows 8 part. I guess I need to practice getting used to the layout, unless there is a way to change it to a classic view....

I also have my 3DS if anybody wants to exchange friend codes.

And now for the shameless advertising part. The group :iconsaotome--academy: is looking to become a super group. They are selling some adorable adoptables here:… PRICE DROP ** Adoptables [ O P E N 1/6 ] by ani-kii
...See? Aren't they adorable? :iconyousopreciousplz:

Koliko je sati? Sad je pravi čas za reklame! //shot :iconimdedjelloplz: Ona grupa (:iconsaotome--academy:) bi voljela biti kao SUPER grupa. Zbog toga, članci :iconrurumii: i :iconani-kii: prodaju "adoptables" tu:… PRICE DROP ** Adoptables [ O P E N 1/6 ] by ani-kii
Oni su zaista slatki....Znam da hoćete. :Đ

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