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JS Halloween: Mirjana, the Dalmatian Dalmatian by CheerySoundNinRoren JS Halloween: Mirjana, the Dalmatian Dalmatian by CheerySoundNinRoren
Apparently I have a hidden talent for drawing alcoholic beverages.... :iconpapmingplz: It looks so realistic! Idk how! I ripped the label from a real bottle: [link] but the rest I drew on my own. :)

LOOK IT IS THE DALMATIAN DALMATIAN! Buwahahaahahah I am so punny! For those who don't get it.... Mirjana is from Zadar, Croatia which is part of the Dalmatia region, therefore she is called a Dalmatian. (And actually dalmatian dogs are from Croatia if you couldn't figure that out....) It was just natural that I made Fyra Cruella de Vil.

Croatia doesn't really celebrate Halloween, so it's kinda hard to find stuff for costumes. I'd say that headbands with ears are easy to find though. The youth more commonly celebrates by going to some "Halloween" party at the clubs. People who go to these parties tend to throw together a bunch of things to make a costume. In this case, Mirjana would have taken one of her outfits and found a way to polka-dot it herself and then the headband she probably bought. :D In her left hand she is holding a bottle from the Maraska-brand-- which is what her hometown is known for.
P.S. I don't know why she even has that! She shouldn't! Let's just say it's for her friend. :iconhurrplz:

Disney is Disney.... :D Not mine
Mirjana :iconcheerysoundninroren:
Fyra :iconb-ry-sun:
Maraska is Maraska!
B-Ry-Sun Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconpapmingplz: it fits fyra so well
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